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Gui­de­li­nes for the Draf­ting and Sub­mis­si­on of Abstracts

Free Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, Pos­ters and Videos

Abs­tracts that do not com­ply with the gui­de­li­nes will not be eva­lua­ted and will be decla­red invalid.
Only tho­se abs­tracts for which the pre­sen­ting aut­hor (see below) has paid the sub­mis­si­on fee in full by Thurs­day 10 Febru­a­ry 2022 can be evaluated.

Plea­se read the fol­lowing gui­de­li­nes care­ful­ly befo­re sub­mit­ting your abstract.
Plea­se sub­mit your abs­tract online. > Link
Abs­tracts recei­ved by email can­not be accepted.

– Punc­tu­al pay­ment of the sub­mis­si­on fee by the pre­sen­ting aut­hor (pre­sen­ter)
– Abs­tract in Eng­lish only

Dead­line for Submission:
Thurs­day 10 Febru­a­ry 2022, 17:00
Abs­tracts must be com­ple­ted by that time. Incom­ple­te abs­tracts will be dele­ted once the dead­line for sub­mis­si­on has passed.

Con­fir­ma­ti­on of Submission:
Once you have sent the online sub­mis­si­on form, you will immedia­te­ly recei­ve a con­fir­ma­ti­on email. If you do not recei­ve an email wit­hin a few minu­tes (plea­se check your spam), plea­se con­ta­ct the Con­gress Orga­ni­sa­ti­on. Sub­mis­si­on is only con­si­de­red final once you have recei­ved this email confirmation.

Num­ber of Abstracts:
First aut­hors are per­mit­ted to sub­mit mul­ti­ple abs­tracts, howe­ver they are only allo­wed to appe­ar once as a presenter.

First Aut­hor:
The first aut­hor is the per­son respon­si­ble for the abs­tract. The cor­re­spon­dence and email addres­ses on the abs­tract regis­tra­ti­on form (online) are bin­ding. No fur­ther amend­ments can be made to the abs­tract once it has been submitted.

Details of the pre­sen­ter must be pro­vi­ded on the sub­mis­si­on form. Only one abs­tract can be pre­sen­ted at the Con­gress. The data pro­vi­ded to the Con­gress Orga­ni­sa­ti­on is bin­ding. The pre­sen­ter must have paid the sub­mis­si­on fee in full by 10 Febru­a­ry 2022.

Sub­mis­si­on Fee (gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se mem­bers­hip sta­tus of the pre­sen­ter at 1 Janu­a­ry 2022):
Mem­ber of gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se -> CHF 350.00
Mem­ber of gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se (extra­or­di­na­ry mem­ber in fur­ther edu­ca­ti­on) -> CHF 210.00
Non-mem­ber -> CHF 550.00
Mid­wi­ves, carers, stu­dents, rese­arch assi­stants (evi­dence to the Con­gress Orga­ni­sa­ti­on) -> CHF 210.00
Extra­or­di­na­ry mem­ber in fur­ther edu­ca­ti­on of gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se and Young Forum -> CHF 0.00
Stu­dent of Human Medi­ci­ne at a Swiss Uni­ver­si­ty (evi­dence to the Con­gress Orga­ni­sa­ti­on) -> CHF 0.00

The sub­mis­si­on fee is an allo­wan­ce for spe­cial expen­dit­u­re and can­not be retur­ned or trans­fer­red in the event of non-par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on at the Annu­al Con­gress. In the event that the abs­tract is rejec­ted, the fee will be returned.

The sub­mis­si­on fee is also the Con­gress fee.

Regis­tra­ti­on for the Congress:
The Con­gress fee is inclu­ded in the sub­mis­si­on fee paid by the pre­sen­ters. If a pre­sen­ter does not par­ti­ci­pa­te at the Annu­al Con­gress, their fee can­not be retur­ned and can­not be transferred.

a. Wor­d­ing on the Online Form
Abs­tract in Eng­lish only
b. Font:
The use of for­mat­ting (ita­lics, super­scripts or sub­scripts) is not permitted.
Tables: May your abs­tract con­tains a com­plex table, plea­se send this as an excel file to sekretariat@bvcongress-creating.ch.
c. Tit­le, name of the aut­hors, name of the pre­sen­ter, clinic(s):
This infor­ma­ti­on must be ent­e­red in the desi­gna­ted fiel­ds on the online form and not in the text field inten­ded for the abstract.
The abs­tracts will be asses­sed on an anony­mous basis.
d. Length of the abstract:
The maxi­mum length for the abs­tract is 2.500 cha­rac­ters incl. spaces.
e. Struc­tu­re:
– Intro­duc­tion
– Mate­ri­al and Methods
– Results
– Conclusion
f. Struc­tu­re Case Reports:
– Intro­duc­tion
– Case Report
– Conclusion

Appro­val and Eva­lua­ti­on of publis­hed Abstracts:
– It is per­mit­ted to pre­sent publis­hed abs­tracts at the Congress.
– Only unpu­blis­hed abs­tracts will be con­si­de­red for the awar­ding of prizes.
– Abs­tracts that have alrea­dy been pre­sen­ted at other mee­tings will be con­si­de­red for the awar­ding of prizes.

The fol­lowing infor­ma­ti­on must be pro­vi­ded at the time of sub­mis­si­on of the abs­tract and on the wel­co­me page of the pre­sen­ta­ti­on (see also pre­sen­ta­ti­on guidelines):
Has the presentation/abstract been publis­hed? Yes/No
Refe­rence information
Digi­tal publi­ca­ti­on, link

Col­la­bo­ra­ti­ons with com­pa­nies, insti­tu­tes, etc. wit­hin the last 3 years that are asso­cia­ted with the abs­tract must be men­tio­ned on the wel­co­me page of the presentation.

Publi­ca­ti­on of the Abstracts:
All abs­tracts that are appro­ved for pre­sen­ta­ti­on will be publis­hed in the gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se book of abs­tracts. The wor­d­ing of the ori­gi­nal abs­tract sub­mit­ted will be retai­ned. The edi­to­ri­al team will not make any ortho­gra­phi­cal chan­ges to the text, nor will it make chan­ges to its con­tent. No fur­ther amend­ments can be made to the abs­tract once it has been submitted.

Eva­lua­ti­on and Terms and Con­di­ti­ons of Acceptance:
The num­ber of free com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, pos­ters and vide­os is limi­ted. gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se sci­en­ti­fic com­mit­tee is respon­si­ble for the final selec­tion and the decisi­on with regards to the for­mat of the pre­sen­ta­ti­on (free com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, pos­ter or video), as well as the eva­lua­ti­on of the abs­tracts sub­mit­ted. All decisi­ons are final.
The Sci­en­ti­fic Com­mit­tee, led by Prof. David Baud (Lau­sanne) and Prof. Bru­no Imthurn (Zurich) will assess the abs­tracts sub­mit­ted accord­ing to the fol­lowing cri­te­ria: ori­gi­na­li­ty, sci­en­ti­fic con­tent, cli­ni­cal relevance.
Con­fir­ma­ti­on of Acceptance:
First aut­hors and pre­sen­ters will be infor­med of their accep­t­ance by 21 April 2022. Along with con­fir­ma­ti­on of accep­t­ance, they will also recei­ve detail­ed infor­ma­ti­on con­cer­ning the pre­sen­ta­ti­on. This can also be view­ed on www.sggg-kongress.ch or www.f.sggg-kongress.ch.

Awar­ding of Prizes:
gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se awards pri­zes for the best pos­ters and free com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons with the inten­ti­on of encou­ra­ging young rese­arch talent in our field. Pri­zes are awar­ded to resi­dents and fel­lows, but not to head doc­tors, seni­or con­sul­tants or rese­arch group leaders.
Only unpu­blis­hed abs­tracts can be con­si­de­red for prizes.
Pri­ze for Case Report: is only awar­ded to an abs­tract from a non-uni­ver­si­ty clinic

Pri­zes for Pos­ters and Free Communications:
1st pri­ze CHF 3,000.00
2nd pri­ze CHF 2,000.00
3rd pri­ze CHF 1,000.00

Pri­ze for Case Report
Pri­ze CHF 1,000.00

Pri­zes for Vide­os (AGE):
1st pri­ze CHF 1,500.00
2nd pri­ze CHF 1,000.00
3rd pri­ze CHF 500.00

AUG Young Talent Prize:
Young Talent Pri­ze 1: CHF 1,000.00
Young Talent Pri­ze 2: CHF 500.00

Pri­zes will be awar­ded during the social evening on Fri­day 24 June 2022.

The Sci­en­ti­fic Com­mit­tee requests that the award win­ners or a co-aut­hor must be pre­sent at the award ceremony.

Per­for­mance Coa­ching and Short Presentation:
It is the desi­re of gyné­co­lo­gie suis­se Mana­ging Board and the Sci­en­ti­fic Advi­so­ry Board that the Free Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons, Pos­ters and Vide­os are pre­do­mi­nant­ly reser­ved for young rese­ar­chers. In order to pro­mo­te young talent, we want to pro­vi­de young rese­ar­chers with the oppor­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent them­sel­ves and their work and to recei­ve acc­laim for out­stan­ding abs­tracts and presentations.
Abs­tracts that are of inte­rest can be selec­ted by the jury for a short pre­sen­ta­ti­on. For the main topics, we link the­se short pre­sen­ta­ti­ons with a visit from a per­for­mance coach. That coa­ching should help our young spea­kers to give their short pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in an inte­res­ting and con­cise man­ner and should also help to build a solid foun­da­ti­on for future lec­tu­ring activities.
The­se pre­sen­ta­ti­ons are unders­tood to be addi­tio­nal to tho­se given during the ses­si­on for Pos­ters, Free Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­ons or Videos.
During per­for­mance coa­ching, which will take place on Thurs­day 19 May 2022 in Zurich, the pre­sen­ters of the selec­ted abs­tracts will recei­ve pro­fes­sio­nal trai­ning. Short pre­sen­ta­ti­ons will only be appro­ved if their pre­sen­ters have par­ti­ci­pa­ted in per­for­mance coa­ching. The pre­sen­ters of the abs­tracts that have been selec­ted will be infor­med by Con­gress Orga­ni­sa­ti­on at the end of April 2022.

Should you have any ques­ti­ons or requi­re cla­ri­fi­ca­ti­on, plea­se con­ta­ct the Con­gress Organisation.